Do You Remember These Cars?


Since the economic collapse of the late 2000’s we said goodbye to Saturn Olds Saab Hummer Pontiac and Fisker as of late but I would really like to stretch your minds by remembering some of these car makers:

Who can forget this little gem- The Daihatsu? Most people couldn’t say the name let alone remember them! The Daihatsu Charade in a hatch or sedan hit the streets of the US in 1990 with a snail-stomping 74hp 1.3l engine and who can dismiss the capable Rocky SUV which was clearly a Suzuki wanna-be? Either way they are gone!

Who remembers the $3990 new price for the Yugo in 1989? MC Hammer might! Zastava actually made this little gem and they were produced from 85-92 with limited success, tricking 141,000 US buyers into laying down four G’s for the Yugoslavian car.

Isuzu… Cars?
Believe it or not Isuzu actually made cars! They actually made a pretty advanced cool car one time too. All hail the Rodeo and Amigo, but believe it or not the Impulse was a bad boy hatchback with some help from Lotus! The first generation pushed out 148hp and was designed in Italy and had a good track run, albeit rare. The next Generation in 1990 was based on the now also defunct Geo Storm car and was watered down.

Merkur (not Mercury)
XR4 R2D2 huh? Scorpio- for a car? XR4 was the funny name that was often confused with Mercury but was actually made by a Ford subdivision called Merkur. In 85 Ford saw BMW and Mercedes taking big chunks of the sedan market away so Ford’s answer was the Merkur. Scorpio and XR4 were killed in 1989 but Ford tried again to keep the Euro thing alive again with the resurgence of the Capri convertible soon after! Americans thought the Mercury Euro wanna be by Ford was too much money obviously at $30k.

Remember the times!