Old School Customer Service

What happened to a clerk in a store walking your bag around the counter to hand it to you after you purchased something?  How about a simple “can I help you” instead of updating their FB profile or never mind saying “thank you” after your purchase?  Do you often find yourself stuck with expectations you have for others that are consistently unmet?

Might I be bold to suggest to you to give them the give of coaching!  Some old school customer service schooling.

I recently purchased a luxury item done right and I felt like I made a million dollar purchase, yet it was only $5.  Hint:  It was hot and brown and had a green and white cup.  Conversely I paid thousands for a commodity type of good that could be purchased anywhere with hundreds of competitors and I felt like my business didn’t make a difference in theirs.  Solution?  Tell them!

In the customer service/sales business, you have to be bold.  You have to dare to be different and dare to make a change.  As a small business owner, you are only as good as your last month or last quarter or last customer you interacted with because tomorrow is never promised.  Whether you own your own company or work for a Fortune 100 enterprise each and every customer has a value to them.  Don’t you think it’s time to appreciate that value?

If you feel under-appreciated, done wrong or slighted-make some noise.  Social media is a great outlet to appropriately describe your problem and look for solutions.  BBB might be another outlet.  A simple interaction with management or a call to the businesses customer service hotline may also provide a great solution.  I’m not talking about just complaining to get something for free, either.  Nope.  I’m talking about giving them the gift of coaching to help make yours and others experiences better.

I am just one of millions that is taken advantage of, slighted, shorted, scammed or under-appreciated for money spent for goods and services.  It’s time to tip the table and speak up!  Be heard-don’t let the bad experience go unnoticed.  The old adage of not returning or not purchasing from the business is not effective enough these days-you have to be bold.  If you know how you want to be treated and it’s reasonable and customary for a consumer to get what you are asking for-tell them!  It may be the tipping point!


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