What Ever Happened To?

There is no doubt that perhaps we will never see some car trends again….

Today the hot trends are “blacked out” or “murdered” cars where all the chrome is painted black- even the wheels. There is black chrome graphite finishes even matte black. Colorful wheels like red and yellow are mods that some even add to match their rides.

Almost every sporty and even not so sporty cars have dual exhaust today. I remember the first time I saw dual exhaust on a 1965 mustang GT and fell in love. It sounded great and looked so nice how Ford integrated the holes for the exhaust in the rear valance. Today the obnoxious dual pipes just stick out under the bumper like a set of cheap autozone bolt ons! Worse off- they are not even real, sometimes one is not even active exhaust pipes!

Wraps are also becoming very popular… Don’t like the color of your car? How about a full wrap for your car to change the color? Who would have thought? What’s next?

How about Louvres? Remember those shade like metal things on the back of hatchbacks like the 240Z or RX-7? Then I think we figured out that window tint does the same thing and much easier!

Remember “gold kits” where all the emblems were changed from silver to gold? How about when the gold peeled off? Yum! Today the equivalent is graphite emblems.

Remember those hideous loud Viper alarms from the 80’s and early 90’s that someone would have an entire blazingly-loud song playing while their alarm would go off?

What ever happened to station wagons? Did the SUV kill them?

Woodies! What about wood side panels? The PT Cruiser tried to bring them back but no-go!

Chrome has always been in and out. It’s like gold jewelry. We went to no chrome in the late 80’s (see the Porsche 944 or Mazda Rx-8 or Chevy Beretta) to chromed out in the late 90’s-mid 2000’s to now this murdered out matted out look.

Car trends are a lot like fashion trends. Hold on to the car long enough and perhaps it will be en vogue again!

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