Pano-mania? Are Panoramic roofs the louvers of the 70’s/80’s, gold kits of the 90’s?

Are pano roofs taking over the tops of all cars and suv’s? There are 131 vehicles or more with this cool feature that used to be reserved for the elite MBZ SL in the 90’s but now is on everything from a Murano SUV to a Lexus to a Kia! Could this be the louvers of the 70’s or the gold emblem kits of the 90’s trend for cars? The t-tops of the 80’s? Some may argue that this feature offers style and substance… Others may think its an unnecessary want- whatever your vote this is a hot trend for today’s cars! Some tuners are even making their roofs carbon fiber or black to mimic the pano roof! Pano roofs are even offered on convertibles! Corvettes in the 70’s offered glass roofs t-tops etc.

What is a panoramic roof? A full glass top that has a sunroof cut out. It’s usually dark tinted so the car looks like it has a black roof. They look especially stylish on white or silver cars. One downside to them is in southern climates they are a magnet to the sun. Most or all offer a comprehensive shade and vent inside and are tinted but one down side is that you don’t have the structure and rigidity as well as sound dampening of a fixed hard roof with headliner.

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